• 1_sweta_mohapatra

    Sweta Mohapatra / Founder, Director

    Sweta Mohapatra, the Founder, Director of DiversityVision, is a human resource leader with around fourteen years of industry experience across Indian and multinational firms spread across varied sectors like Manufacturing, NBFC, IT, SMEs and Professional Industrial bodies.
  • 2_sundar-parthasarathy

    Sundar Parthasarathy / Advisor

    Sundar Parthasarathy has over 30 years of experience in sectors such as automotive, building & construction, capital goods, energy & power and infrastructure industries in India.
  • 3_ruka-sanusi

    Ruka Sanusi / Advisor

    Ruka Sanusi is a management consultant and business advisor with a focus on providing advisory services in the areas of business strategy and business operations.
  • 4_deepa-venkataraman

    Deepa Venkataraman / Director

    Deepa Venkataraman is a strategic communication specialist with over fourteen years of experience in Consumer Insights / Qualitative Research, Marketing and Brand Management.
  • 5_savita-upploni

    Savita Upploni / Consultant

    Over the last 29 years, in her roles as a Master trainer, Facilitator and Coach, Savita has made a meaningful contribution by enabling people to unleash their unique talents and potential.
  • 6_ranita_ghosh

    Ranita Ghosh / Consultant

    Ranita Ghosh graduated in economics from Lady Shri Ram College and completed her Masters in Human Resources Management from Symbiosis Centre for Management & HRD.
  • 7_toshiba_tewari

    Toshiba / Consultant

    Toshiba Tewari is a learning professional with more that 12 years of experience in corporate training, mentoring, strategy formulation, marketing, sales, product development and organization development.
  • elsa

    Elsa D'Silva / Consultant

    ElsaMarie D’Silva is the Founder & Managing Director of Red Dot Foundation (Safecity) which is a platform that crowdsources personal experiences of sexual violence and abuse in public spaces.
  • 9_jenny_hyatt

    Jenny Hyatt / Consultant

    Jenny Hyatt is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Leadership DevelopmentConsultant.
  • 10_meghnamayee

    Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy / Consultant

    Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy lives every day, with the knowingness that awareness is just part of the Game, if you want to keep on moving, then start by Owning Your Baggage, this will open the paths to "Learn, Unlearn and Relearn."